Michigan College Access Network 2020 Annual Report

Year by Year

2010 It started with an idea.→

  • Established MCAN
  • Committed to 60% by 2025 (Lumina Foundation’s Big Goal)
  • Launched 41 LCANs

2011 Young, scrappy, and hungry.→

  • Held our inaugural conference
  • Piloted Michigan’s first College Application Week with 38 high schools

2012 The power of collective impact.→

  • Expanded College Application Week to 73 participating schools
  • Adopted the Collective Impact framework for LCAN development

2013 Beyond humble beginnings.→

  • Created Charting the Course, a guide for building local networks
  • Held the first Maritime Academy for LCANs
  • Began the Michigan College Access Alliance
  • Introduced the School Counselor Postsecondary Planning Training Course

2014 Nationally recognized.→

  • Held the first College Decision Day
  • Reached $4 million in grants since inception
  • Joined the White House College Opportunity Agenda task force and participated in College Opportunity Day of Action

2015 A turning point.→

  • Founded AdviseMI, with 40 advisers and 12 partner colleges, in service to 51 high schools
  • Established the Reach Higher grant program
  • Started the College Cash Campaign

2016 Making it rain.→

  • Began awarding Innovative Program Grants
  • Awarded 100 schools with Reach Higher grants

2017 All about advocacy.→

  • Served as a leading voice in the passage of Public Act 151 (HB 4181), a law that requires school counselors to receive 50 hours of professional development in college-career readiness every five years
  • Held our first College Access Advocacy Day

2018 Howdy, partner.→

  • Released the FAFSA Tracker
  • Published the Total Talent Report in partnership with MIHEART
  • Moved our office to 200 N. Washington Square in Lansing

2019 A year of change.→

  • Revised our goal to Sixty by 30 to align with the State
  • Named Ryan Fewins-Bliss executive director
  • Realigned our mission, vision, and values to place greater emphasis on equity
  • Launched the MI Postsecondary Strategy Institute (MPSI) in collaboration with the National Postsecondary Strategy Institute and The Kresge Foundation

2020 A voice for all students.→

  • Adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing COVID-19 resources, hosting a Meeting the Challenge webinar series, and presenting virtual College Access Impact Awards
  • Awarded 108 COVID-19 response grants to assist postsecondary attainment efforts
  • Initiated the College Completion Corps and the School Counselor Fellows program
  • Began promoting the Governor’s FAFSA Challenge and College Cash Campaign, after partnering with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on these programs the year prior