Michigan College Access Network 2020 Annual Report

A Decade
of Impact

A 10-Year Retrospective Commemorating MCAN’s Past, Present, and Future

Over the past decade, Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) has woven itself into the fabric of change across Michigan.

We’ve advocated for students whose voices needed to be heard. We’ve stepped up when times were tough. We’ve been there for one another as a family, in good times and bad. And we’ve gotten stuck at a good number of airports. But, most importantly, we’ve seen a significant, year-over-year increase in the amount of Michigan students going to college.

And it is that momentum toward our goal — reaching 60% of working-age Michiganders with a certificate or college degree by 2030 — that will fuel us through the next decade.

Our motivation

At MCAN, we know college certificates and degrees are the foundation for success in a knowledge-based economy. Therefore, we aim to help students in Michigan access and attain degrees so they can achieve a lifetime of their own goals, both economically and intellectually.

A storied past

From doubling down on community investment to gaining recognition as a leader on the national stage, each year of MCAN’s history was made up of accomplishments, challenges, and stories that set the foundation for the organization we are today. Every individual within MCAN’s network, past and present, has an MCAN story; we are bringing these stories to light, year-by-year, to showcase just how far we’ve come. By reflecting on these, we can better understand the hard work that led us here and, more importantly, how we can aim even higher in the coming years.

For ten years, MCAN has risen to meet new challenges. MCAN has used its strong foundation to propel itself forward. MCAN has proven itself as the leader of the state’s college access movement.

And MCAN is here to stay.